Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Vacation Blog Challenge

Today is the reveal day for the Summer Vacation Blog Challenge hosted by Paula Hisel from Simply Beadiful.  Paula sent out an invitation to members of the Bead Soup Facebook group and I though it sounded like fun.....

The challenge was to create a piece of jewelry inspired by our favorite (summer) vacation.
My inspiration summer vacation were the years my husband and two children spent in Cape May, New Jersey.  If you have never been, Cape May is a beautiful victorian seaside resort.  I was always able to relax when we stayed there.  The house we rented was right on the beach and we stayed for two weeks.
It seems to me that it was a simpler time in our lives when the kids were young and we had the time to get away for two weeks.  Now it seems that they are busy all summer with activities and we find it difficult to find a week to get away.

Here is what I made:

It's a 5x leather and macrame bracelet with some ladder stitch thrown in.

The greens & blues remind me of the sea & sky and the neutral colors the hot sand....

This was the view we had...

Here is everyone else who participated.  Take a look at their wonderfully creative pieces:


  1. Love your bracelets, sounds like a great vacation spot too.

  2. The bracelets are adorable! Lucky you with two weeks right on the beach. Christie

  3. Hey Leanne, I love your bracelets & that photo! Winter has lasted toooooo long this year! I sent you a message on fb about the BSBP!